Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The “Little Black Dress Experiment” is a makeover web series hosted by celebrity stylist Janey Lopaty and fashion designer Karen Zambos. In each episode our two hip, savvy and confident stylists will help a stressed out, nervous young woman getting ready for a major event (first date, job interview, etc.). These are the moments that could change your life forever, and you’ve got to look your best. That’s why our fashion experts Janey & Karen know the little black dress is the no-fail option and their motto, “Dare to make a statement in black” is the ongoing theme of the series.

In each episode, J & K will take our featured guest shopping for the perfect little black dress, search for the must have accessories, and then it’s back home for hair and make up. In the throws of getting ready, it’s not just about looking good but choosing the right deodorant, because there’s nothing worse than white marks on a little black dress. Once our guest is looking like a million bucks, our dynamic duo give her the big push into the unknown.

Added bonus: Each episode ends as a cliffhanger leaving the audience wondering how did that first date turn out and did she get the job? At the end of each episode there is a tag directing viewers to a website where they can see how the date or job interview went. This includes post interviews and footage from the big day.

Click here to view the episodes.

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